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Specializing in the Research and Retrieval of Courthouse Records

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We Sell Judgment Leads for Less ! - Scroll down to request a quote !




If you’ve spent any time searching the mass on the internet for judgment leads, you already know that the average judgment lead can be offered at $10.00 or more.  Even in this economy, this just sounds ridiculous to us.  Our experienced researchers routinely visit several counties nationwide researching various types of courthouse documents.  This is our advantage over our competitors!  Since they are already visiting the courthouses conducting research, they are able to research judgment documents as well, saving Judgment Recovery Specialists like you a lot of research time. 


No, you won’t find our leads as high as our competitors which average $10+ per lead.  We’re not a Lead House like many of our competitors.  Our specialty is research, and we offer our services to you starting as low as  just  $3.00  per lead  for many states; however, leads do run more for California, Florida and New York.  Unlike those Lead Houses, we won’t be reselling the lead once you’ve purchased it.  Plus, we offer an attractive discount for bulk orders of 100 leads or more.   


When you place an order with us, you won't ever hear "it is what it is " or "you get what you get"!  We'll be sure to research and locate only the leads that meet your specific criteria.  Whether you're looking for leads that are 6 months old or 4 years old, you'll get exactly what you want.  Why settle for less?   We’ll be happy to tailor our research to fit your needs and present the data to you in a simple Excel-compatible spreadsheet, ready for your mailings, consisting of the following data:


·         State & County

·         Case Number

·         Judgment Amount

·         Recording Date

·         Association Between Parties (Commercial or Consumer)

·         Plaintiff’s Name and Address

·         Defendant’s Name and Address

·         Phone Numbers  (if available from the document)

 Since we’re not a Lead House, what we have available changes weekly.  And though we strive to provide coverage nationwide, we may find that we don’t have current coverage in the areas you need.  Not to worry!  We’ll be happy to recruit and expand our resources to provide such coverage for you.  Need copies?  In most counties, we can also provide a retrieval service for a small fee and obtain copies of the judgment paperwork you desire.  We have qualified researchers nationwide ready to provide you top quality and expedient service.  If you request a location where we do not have current coverage, we'll be happy to check with other companies we network with to obtain the leads - we'll even recruit for a researcher just to fill your ongoing orders.  We're your one stop shop, saving you time and money surfing the internet for quality leads.


Payments are accepted via Google’s Secure Checkout or by Paypal – just let us know your preference.  As soon as our researcher has collected the initial order for you based on your search criteria, we’ll alert you that the records are ready to be sent and send you an invoice.  Once payment has been received, we’ll promptly email you within 24 hours, an Excel-compatible spreadsheet with the data you’ve requested.  






Yes, even in our business, we have overstock !  Occasionally, we have leads that are collected by our court researchers in areas that are no longer needed by a client.   These leads are then offered at an attractive discounted price to our other clients.  Be sure to request a list of our Overstock Judgments Leads when you complete your online inquiry.


Wolfgang Research... your one-stop shop for leads !