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Wolfgang Research

Specializing in the Research and Retrieval of Courthouse Records

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Our Clientele consists of a variety of industries, from large corporations to individual entrepreneurs.  If you need Leads for your marketing venture, we have the resources to accommodate.  At Wolfgang Research, every client is treated equally, with the same quality and professionalism.  But when it comes to Leads… every client is unique and receives a research solution specifically tailored to target their needs.






 Customer Service isn’t a department at Wolfgang Research, it’s an attitude. 






Wolfgang Research....

your one stop shop for leads.

Proudly serving the following industries:

  • Mortgage Protection & Life Insurance

  • Debt Negotiation & Consolidation
  • Credit Improvement
  • Judgment Collection & Recovery
  • Investment
  • Home Security Systems
  • Real Estate
  • Remodeling & Home Improvement
  • Genealogy / Ancestry